Killer Elite – Movie Review

Really I’ve got to figure out how to do that chair backflip thing so Killer Elite stars Jason Statham Clive Owen and Robert De Niro one of my favorite actors of all time that’s a great cast.


I love all three of those actors I think the Jason Statham is obviously a really good physical actor but I also think he’s a good actor I think that he is a good actor I really do a Clive Owen is great.

Robert De Niro he’s Harbhajan ear for goodness sakes he’s awesome so the plot of this movie um hmm here’s the problem I just saw abduction as well and that flaw was very convoluted and hard to follow.

Killer elites plot was even more hard to follow no you have no idea are you messing with and she is not mom he’s like a father to you right you don’t do this there’s a dead man I’m gonna sum up the plot of killer lead to the best of my ability.

But there are a lot of plot points in the film that I really didn’t even grasp and really lost me so we have a sheik who’s upset because three of his sons were murdered so he decides to kidnap Robert De Niro and force Jason Statham.

To find these three people who killed his three sons videotaped them admitting it and then kill them and then there are a lot of a whole bunch of other things going on under the surface that we can’t really grasp and I couldn’t anyway that’s the plot of the movie.

That’s also my biggest problem with the film couldn’t follow the plot it was all over the place and it was a really poorly structure of this film it seemed like it was gonna end but then it kept going and then it ended again and then it went a little bit longer than it ended for real.

The tone was just off and like a just really out of place the tone listened Danny’s gonna come back for me but he does you’re out of here is your worst nightmare there was one scene where there was a lot of shaky cam.

That annoyed me because you don’t need shaky cam and you got Jason Statham the dude is a freaking be a he can cake but he’s good at it you don’t have to use stupid shaky cam to hide the fact that he can’t do stunts because he can.

You don’t need to use that there’s one scene where he fights Clive Owen I was like dang it why are you using the shakey cam it would have been so much better if he didn’t but the reason I brought that 1c nobs because I want to highlight the fact that shakey cam.

Really isn’t used that much in the action in this film and the chases and the fights and the gun the gunfights there ain’t that much shakey cam which I was really happy about there’s some really good stunts in this movie by all three of the actors.

I really really like fight scene that De Niro had I had a lot of fun that seniors brief but I really enjoyed it all three of the actors of this movie I really liked DeNiro was a lot of fun I really liked his character.

He kind of reminded me this character and Ronan which is a really underrated action film as well I like Clive Owen and Jason Statham I thought this was one of his better performances in movies recently he had like a lot of his character had more depth than the usual Jason Statham movie.

I like to say Jason Statham I like go through these guys and that’s why I had some enjoyment in this film I was able to enjoy certain aspects of it my problems with it though it’s just the plot I couldn’t follow it for the life of me.

I was trying to pay attention really hardcore to this pot and I just couldn’t get it I couldn’t grasp everything that was happening it was too much I wasn’t of it’s a buzz saw scientist it was actually a lot more long conversations and meetings that took place in this movie.

That I was not expecting I was expecting to be a little bit more straightforward action but it was almost a little political at times and I I didn’t really feel like that worked for this type of movie.

It’s the better movie over abduction for sure both films have really messed up hard to follow plots but the acting of Killer Elite is off the scale better of course.

If you’re a fan of the three lead actors like I in the probably also if I enjoyment in it but it’s just not a great movie unfortunately I really wanted it to be but it’s not so I’m gonna give Killer Elite a C+ so that’s what this is all about I gotta cover my expenses.

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