Jack and Jill – Movie Review

In every family there’s one person who drive you a little crazy I got a pic Jill up at 4:00 in the morning she comes once a year and she’s leaving on Sunday Jack and Jill stars Adam Sandler Katie Holmes and Al Pacino.

Wow more than likely you saw the previews it’s about a guy played by Adam Sandler who has a sister who’s a twin who also was played by Adam Sandler and she’s going over for a vacation.

Adam Sandler’s house and of course Sam was very annoyed by her because she is very annoying and boy is she annoying now a lot of people were hating on this movie because of the trailer and obviously because of the premise and and you know Adam Sandler and the female clothes and everything.

I was the one guy saying you know what I love Adam Sandler it could be good who knows dear God how are we doing your twin sister are you coming bald huh no no you’re getting fat in your hair doesn’t realize.

It needs to cover more faith okay this is a terrible movie and I feel bad saying it because I like Adam Sandler Adam Sandler’s seems like a really nice guy from what I’ve heard of people who’ve met him.

He is a really nice guy and I like him a lot I think he’s funny but this is not one of his brighter moments unfortunately you know it’s funny the look Adam Sandler has on the poster of this movie is kind of how I felt watching this movie.

It’s like this from the producers of just go with it and grownups thank you I so like we got nothing alike I’m a shield crowd a large portion of this movie I had like this expression on my face and I was kind of awkward all of a sudden sitting next to some of these people.

I had this expression on my face it was just kind of like I love Adam Sandler I love the guy I think he’s funny I think some of his movies are funny but this is not one of them Jill this is Otto nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you no that’s right are you whispering with a bullhorn or something everybody hear you one of my biggest issues with this film is it’s rated PG which is odd because you know it’s just weird but the reason I have a problem with that is because the film has no idea what its demographic is.

There’s a lot of racist jokes in the movie for a PG rated film there’s a lot of jokes that the kids are gonna go to and they’re not gonna understand which is weird but honestly the biggest problem half of the film is Adam Sandler’s character of Jill.

She’s not funny at all she’s incredibly annoying and I know that she’s supposed to be annoying her character is supposed to be annoying but she should also be funny which is not very present.

The film I couldn’t live together things I want to do before I leave studio tour Beach horseback riding oh my god maybe I should stay out through Hanukkah the voice is pretty annoying.

You’re looking fat what’s wrong with you look a little chubby there in the waist oh my gosh it’s like that for the whole movie Al Pacino was in this movie weird there’s actually a scene at the end that the audience was really cracking up a queer al Qaeda.

Sees like some footage of something that he was involved with and he’s like burned every copy dollar does never see the public light I was like that’s hilarious cuz that’s kind of how this movie is for his career compliments of mr. Pacino.

Why this is insane man you got a call oh oh we can stop reading you know all you want to do is play twister with the assistant Katie Holmes is actually pretty hot in this movie if I do say so myself every time.

Katie Holmes was on screen in this movie I was like dang she’s actually pretty hot she looks good in this movie I ain’t gonna lie I’m not going to rant about the film because I wasn’t expecting it to be great.

I mean who would really be surprised watching this movie I’m gonna get Jack and Jill Addie and Xander is your sister and I grew up on the same street when I look at her I see me when I look at her.

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