Footloose – Movie Review

The eighties remix keep on coming they don’t stop this is Brynn McCormack we are so happy to have you with us Footloose is a remake of the Kevin Bacon film The Musical and you know it’s a much beloved musical more by people.

Not so much by critics I looked it up and actually the newer one has a higher Rotten Tomatoes rating than the older one which is kind of interesting stars Kenny Wormald and Julianne.

Oh I can just see it now Chris is actually Julianne how you’re incorrect there I’m going to type this statement and I can just see this now I’m going to comment exactly what Chris just said so I can be cool and they can thumbs it up.

It’s a really silly premise it’s about a town where dancing and public has become outlawed and playing your music really loud or also against the law and because of some kids who were killed in a car crash a few years back.

Coming back from a dance and so they decided to pass this law and so it’s like these kids are fighting back against the lawn they’re you know we have a right to dance and everything in yellow that’s fun.

It’s a fun idea I think you’re gonna love no money no money are you kidding me I actually had a lot of fun with this movie and it’s because the movie was aware of what it is you know it knows.

It’s just a fun dance movie when you got a movie like this all you need is a few things you need super high energy that’s very important obviously good dancing and good music and actors who are invested in.

What they have and a director who treats it with respect and we have that here we have all of those things here and I really like that about this movie they didn’t just you know we’re gonna make a remake and make it a cash card.

They treated the source material with respect they treated the fans with respect I appreciate that where people do have just hang out yeah another sense I don’t want you to see that boy again why because I’ve heard.

He’s trouble now this lead guy Kenny Wormald he’s actually pretty good in the movie I thought that he had a lot of charisma and that he was really I liked him a lot in the movie like this character and I like the way he portrayed his character.

He remind me a lot of John from the flick pic channel I don’t know man I like blu-rays I have very low self-esteem this movie was kind of like my Uncle Bob you know he was kind of dumb but you’re respected him for what he was you know this movie was a lot of fun you know they had good dancing.

It had actors who seemed like they they they were aware of what they were in and that’s that’s really needed like there are certain movies that you know or like really silly and dumb but the filmmakers like actually trying to make a really good movie with it.

Which is I guess admirable but you need to be aware of what you are in and what you are making in and these all the people involved this movie are aware of what it is it’s a remake of an 80s film and they’re treating it with respect and they know when they’re aware of the fact.

That it’s a silly plot but they’re just like relishing it you know there were a few things that know me about the movie and really just the idea of the pull the whole plot is very silly and and we know that going in.

We know what the plot is and so you just have to deal with that basically for the first half of the movie I really didn’t like the female lead of the movie I understand that your comic supposed to actually you’re supposed to see problems with her.

You’re supposed to see that you need to change but I think that it was a little hard for me at first I was like oh man I really don’t like this girl at all as her character matured it seemed like her performance matured as well.

I also like that as quite in the film a lot of people are hating on it because they want to because it’s popular to hate on something that’s everyone else is hating on it’s so easy to jump on a crowd and be like.

Yes this movies dumb it’s an 80s remake it’s useless why would they do it’s not going to be as good as the original and blah blah blah and it’s easy to hate on a movie like that I really like to step up three as well and that was a movie the lot that people .

It’s easy to hate on movies like that but that had the best dancing still that I’ve ever seen in a movie and as soon as I got home from Footloose I literally got my iPod put it in and I danced in my room for like a half an hour.

It’s just it’s one of those movies that makes you feel that way if you like to dance like me it’s seriously it’s not a bad movie it’s a lot of fun I’m gonna give the loose a beat my name is run and I want to move on behalf of most of the senior class of Beaumont high that the law against public dancing within the town limits of Beaumont be abolished.

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