Contraband – Movie Review

In contraband mark wahlberg tries to smuggle things he doesn’t want the public eye to ever see he should try smuggling this what no you were the best of the best family and you got out of life.

Contraband stars Mark Wahlberg Giovanni Ribisi Ben Foster and Kate Beckinsale Mark Wahlberg’s stupid idiot brother-in-law who is so dumb in this movie gets caught smuggling drugs.

He tries to dump him over the edge so the person he was sending the drugs to gets extremely mad that’s Giovanni Ribisi now he wants to kill Mark Wahlberg’s brother-in-law and Mark Wahlberg is forced to then tried to smuggle something back in through the United States to pay for this death of this guy.

Now owes to save his little brother in law’s blood because he’s an idiot what happened Andy who’s running Tilton and I dumped the back you know I stopped doing runs you promised me you’re gonna stay out of this and I keep emphasizing that because his character is so annoying he’s just this little snap.

You just wanna just long face I wasn’t really expecting one cent of contraband I like Mark Wahlberg but this is a January film and the trailers weren’t terribly impressive for the most part I got.

What I expected it’s not a great film but it’s a passable thriller I think it’d be like a really good rental to be honest it has good moments the first half of the film actually I found very interesting and entertaining.

Two weeks if not I’m gonna come after the both of you I’ll come asking your wife or you kid I grew up with two older sisters and so I’ve always kind of had this protective vibe about me and so whenever I see that in a movie like movie like taken or basically anything with Harrison Ford in it.

It’s usually pretty good for me I think Mark Wahlberg is very good movie but you’re not gonna walk away from a movie and be like yeah the movie was pretty good but Mark Wahlberg was probably the weak link.

Yeah I mean that’s not gonna happen the guy is always a good actor I mean even in the happening when he spoke the lines from that incredibly hilarious script Blackwater Mississippi won’t you keep on shining on me.

Old Marky Mark I gotta try to fix this trust me I know what I’m doing what are we running currency 15 million on four stacks it’s like the size of a Mini Cooper the first half of the film.

I was actually into it I thought that it was a really fun thriller but towards the last half the movie really lost a lot of steam because it kind of jumped a lot of places for one reason in particular.

Mark Wahlberg’s kind of out of commission from the story for a while and I really felt like he was the anchor keeping the movie afloat and so for about 20 minutes or so where his character wasn’t involved that much with the heist and what they were doing really honestly lost a lot of steam.

It made me realize how much Mark Wahlberg was adding to the film he ever been convicted of espionage sedition treason together towards the end it got really convoluted the plot was just all over the place.

Certain things happen they really okay look that would never ever happen ever ever just why why would you even consider just mmm but if you’re into Mark Wahlberg if you’re looking for just a you know just a fun time to not really get that invested in movie but still keep your consciousness attune to what’s happening.

They contraband probably a fun time for you but I’m gonna give contraband at B – because I was mildly entertained and I like Mark Wahlberg in the film so you know it’s not that bad open the container and I’m not to dump it in the water.

You will never find that money so let me go down below I’d like to know what your favorite Mark Wahlberg film is after thinking about it mine might be the departed for someone to go from our early 90s rap Calvin Klein underwear model to a oscar-nominated actor that’s pretty awesome.

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