30 Minutes or Less movie review

Jesse eisenberg plays a pizza delivery man in this movie and I saw so much pizza so much pizza is like flashed in front of your faces I want a pizza so bad as soon as the movie ended I literally drove right to the pizza shop and bought a pizza and eat it on the way home.

Let me mention les is the same director as Zombieland that also starred Jesse Eisenberg as well as this movie as well as these and sorry Danny McBride and Nick Swardson as well as Fred from tremors yeah tremors best use of the f-word in film ever.

It’s about these two idiots played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson we decide that they would like some money and the best way to get some money is to force someone to rob a bank for them.

So they kidnap Jesse Eisenberg strapped a bomb to his chest and force him to rob a bank and get the money for them otherwise they’re gonna blow him up Jesse Eisenberg was good in the film and I didn’t mind Aziz Ansari.

I thought they played off each other well and I thought they had good chemistry they seemed like they were friends and there were some funny things to their relationship in the beginning of the film where they were arguing about things but this is one of those movies where the comedy just flies at you so fast just flies and right in your face.

All these jokes children’s my job and you can’t even follow it sometimes I was sort of just kind of accepting it and dealing with it and letting it flow until Danny McBride’s character was introduced and this movie was ruined for me on such a humongous level.

I saw your highness and I thought Danny McBride was you know I couldn’t tolerate him I got used to him for some reason in the movie and I think it’s because I had Natalie Portman to distract me.

However in this movie there is no Natalie Portman everything about the guy knows me he ruined this movie for me honestly his character is so stupid and annoying and it’s not just his character because there is no character.

It’s just Danny McBride he’s playing the exact same character as in your highness he doesn’t talk in that that old medieval style language Danny McBride thinks that it’s so hilarious if he just keeps saying certain words of throwing them into certain sentences.

He’s not funny I’m sorry I don’t find Danny McBride funny at all there are good things the film though I enjoy jesse eisenberg character and the way Hammond Aziz bounced out for one another was good and there were definitely some flight parts in the film.

However really the problem is so many of them were in the trailer however I did enjoy the story of Jesse Eisenberg’s character and he was he he portrayed him very well and he would feel the situation you could feel.

How you know like how nerve-wracking in that situation would be he was good Nick Swardson was alright he was okay danny mcbride and them those two characters that half of the movie sucked another thing.

The characters are so unrealistic do you really expect me to believe that Aziz Ansari’s character is a teacher and when Jesse Eisenberg busts in on him in the middle of class that he actually ends up agreeing to completely abandon his class and go help his buddy.

Rob a bank with hardly any second thoughts at all do you really expect me to believe the two idiots standing mcbride and nick swardson who literally are portrayed as a bottom of the barrel idiots.

You really expect me to accept that they can build such a complex bomb to strap the Jesse Eisenberg with timers and codes No so I’m gonna have to give him 30 minutes or less one and a half out of four stars.

I can understand how some people would like it maybe like the really young guys would like it I walked the schmoes review they said stones drunk kind of guys would like it I can see that too.

So yeah I’m not really a fan of 30 minutes or less I had some good parts Eisenberg was good but for the most part the film does really annoys me.

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