Killer Elite – Movie Review

Really I’ve got to figure out how to do that chair backflip thing so Killer Elite stars Jason Statham Clive Owen and Robert De Niro one of my favorite actors of all time that’s a great cast. [yasr_visitor_votes] I love all three of those actors I think the Jason Statham is obviously a really good …

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Footloose – Movie Review

The eighties remix keep on coming they don’t stop this is Brynn McCormack we are so happy to have you with us Footloose is a remake of the Kevin Bacon film The Musical and you know it’s a much beloved musical more by people. Not so much by critics I looked it up and actually …

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Like Crazy – Movie Review

Do you remember in 500 days of summer when Joseph gordon-levitt’s character alluded to other romantic comedies that were made that gave couples a false idea of what love is this is not one of those movies like crazy stars Anton Yelchin Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s about a young couple that meet and …

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A Dangerous Method – Movie Review

Magnito Aragorn and Elizabeth Swann and a movie about psychoanalysis actually sounds kind of cool sex male family child giggles a Dangerous Method is directed by David Cronenberg who’s a very prolific director. Who’s made classic films for many years one of my favorites is the dead zone Christopher Walken Stephen King adaptation and not …

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Contraband – Movie Review

In contraband mark wahlberg tries to smuggle things he doesn’t want the public eye to ever see he should try smuggling this what no you were the best of the best family and you got out of life. Contraband stars Mark Wahlberg Giovanni Ribisi Ben Foster and Kate Beckinsale Mark Wahlberg’s stupid idiot brother-in-law who …

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